Auburn - Natural Cotton/Leather Leash Slip (Pink) 1/2"

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Auburn Leathercrafters’ Cotton Leash with Leather accents is strong, soft, and comfy. We use US grown and produced cotton rope plus genuine Wickett & Craig chestnut bridle leather and solid brass fittings make this leash one that you will find to be both functional and comfortable. Available in a 6 foot length with a leather stopper to keep the dog from backing out of the slip.

A slip leash is recommended for walking dogs with mild behavioral issues, such as being easily distracted, public areas. A quick snap of the leash as your dog is walking by your side or slightly behind you, and you will have your dog’s attention back. Please remember not to tug backward since this will encourage the dog to pull away from you. It is important to ask for professional assistance with any difficult or persistent behavioral issues you may have.

All Cotton Rope Slip Leashes are approximately 6 foot in length.

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