EM Flea & Tick Collar - Blue

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  • EM stands for "Effective Micro-Organisms". EM technology is comprised of three groups of microbes - yeast, photosynthetic bacteria, and lactic acid bacteria.

    EM ceramics emit far infrared waves, which have been found to be compatible with human and animal tissue, which help to circulate blood by removing clustered blood cells, creating a balanced environment in your dog and yourself. This ideal environment is what helps to prevent tick from biting.

    Tips & Tricks:

    * Collar should be worn at all times - it does not replace your existing collar.

    * Hand wash with warm water and let dry in the sun to recharge!

    * Can take up to 4 weeks to be fully effective

    * Replace your collar every 12 months

    * Safe for puppies & kids - not to be consumed

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