Thrive - Salmon Oil - 500ml

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  • Thrive Salmon Oil is an excellent high-quality fish oil, and a rich source of EPA & DHA fatty acids with high level of natural astaxanthin antioxidants (4 mg/kg). May support: Digestion, Skin & Coat Health, Energy Levels and Stamina, Cardiovascular Health, Muscle Health, Brain Health, Immune System Health, and Mobility.

    • Excellent shelf preservation (12 Months) due to high purity and gentle processing (<0,05% soluble impurities)
    • High level of natural antioxidants and astaxanthin (4 mg/kg).
    • Fresh taste of salmon will help increase pet's appetite
    • Food approval number: H57 (EU Regulation 854/2004)
    • Animal by-product approval number: 1000779 (EU Regulation 1069/2009)
    • GMP+ approval number: PDV1094441
    • Friends of the Sea certified

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