About us

Why CHEWS raw?

We are Elaine and Chris Eaton, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and to tell you a little bit about ourselves and why we opened "CHEWS".  

​We are the proud parents of Dalmore, a lovable, loungy Great Dane who is a year and a half. Not long before Dalmore came along, we had two Golden Retrievers, Bella & Willis. When Bella was a puppy, we had her on a kibble diet. When she was two years old, we began noticing frequent ear infections. We tried many approaches, from changing her food to introducing medicine, but to no avail, nothing seemed to work. Meanwhile, Bella was experiencing hotspots (patches of hair falling out), and her skin was discoloured. One day while we were at the groomers, she mentioned to us about putting Bella on a "Raw Diet". We did our research, and decided the benefits of raw dog food were promising. After taking Bella to a new vet, we were told that she had a thyroid problem, thus the hot spots that were appearing. We were advised to switch to raw dog food from that vet as well, which turned out to be the best decision. Bella couldn't wait for her next meal, and she had so much energy. On top of that, her ears and teeth were clean and healthy, and her skin and coat were shiny. 

When Bella was four we decided to get Willis; a big, fluffy, muddy bundle of energy. We knew right away that we wanted to put Willis on a raw diet. We now continue that raw diet with Dalmore, who is full of life and growing into a healthy, happy dog.

​We believe in feeding raw to all pets, and we want to share our passion with our community and as many people as possible. We are sourcing out the very best products, supplements, and treats so your pet can be as healthy as they deserve. 

Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced in feeding raw. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them. 

Thank you,

The CHEWS Family