Detox your dog this spring!

Every day our furry loved ones come into contact with several toxins; both environmental and chemical.  These can come from inside the home, playing in the yard, and even just breathing in the air around them.

We’re here to help you learn how to help your dogs naturally detox their body so that it can do the amazing work that it was designed for.

Start off by reducing the toxins that you can control:

  • Minimize vaccinations
  • Use pet friendly household cleaners
  • Use non-chemical pest repellents
  • Feed real, whole foods

Now you can start boosting your dog's detox process. Here are some simple, yet effective tips:

Cleanse the liver

The liver's main job is to help the body to excrete toxins, making it one of the body’s major detoxification organs. Making sure that your pet's liver is running efficiently is the key to a successful detox.

Here are some things that help to cleanse your dog’s liver: 

  • Use Milk Thistle to boost the liver —> Milk Thistle is a herb that helps the liver to process harmful toxins and avoid any liver damage. It also stimulates the growth of new liver cells. Milk thistle is great to add into the diet as part of a detox process or when the liver is under extra stress, but it is not meant to feed all the time.  It can be fed for a period of 3-6 weeks before taking a break. 
  • Feed liver to support your dog's liver (this is not a typo!). As funny as it sounds, liver can help support your dog's overall liver function. Liver is a true superfood for dogs and is not only a great source of protein, but also rich in nutrients. Come on in to ask us if your dog is getting enough organ meat for a balanced diet. 

Support the gut

One of the main ways for toxins to exit your pets body is through their poop. This elimination process is essential to your dog’s gut health and detox process. Most of the toxins your dog's body eliminates pass through the colon, and a healthy digestive tract keeps them moving before they can be reabsorbed.  Adding a pre and probiotic to your dog’s diet are important to keep their digestive tract working smoothly and to keep a balance of good bacteria throughout the gut.

Detox the skin

The skin is the largest organ so it is very important to keep it in working order. Your pet will only perspire through the soles of their feet, but they can detox through their pores without sweating. This means that a soothing and stimulating bath can help to keep their skin healthy and working to its fullest. Bathing every spring and fall allows the pores to open and release dead hair during this period of shedding. Tip: If you are bathing your dog at home remember to use natural and dog friendly products to ensure no skin irritation

Introduce daily exercise

Daily exercise for your pet is not only important for their mental stimulation, but it can be very beneficial for the elimination process. Exercise in pets has been shown to improve the movement of waste through the digestive tract as well as increasing the circulation of blood - this is where your pet moves micro-toxins throughout the body. Enjoying nice long walks or hikes this season can be a great way to help essential organs remain healthy. 

Have fresh water

Giving your dog fresh water is always important; it especially helps to ensure that the kidneys are working properly.  Don’t forget to clean and refresh your dog’s water bowl multiple times throughout the day so that you don’t get leftover residue or slime buildup.

…and so much more!! If you want to start your dog on a natural detox and need a little bit more help then please reach out! Our staff are always there to answer any questions you may have!