Frank and Oph - Organic Catnip

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  • At Frank and Oph we understand how much you love your cat. That's why our catnip is made with 100% organic, non GMO, non-irradicated catnip. Its harvested for optimal potency and ground, cut and sifted to perfection eliminating any dangerous stems.

    Our catnip is 100% human-grade quality, which means you can give your cat some catnip AND enjoy some yourself in a brewed tea... it has calming effects similar to chamomile. Millions of kitties around the world are drawn to catnip for its effects- decreased anxieties, active play, and so much more!

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    Ideas on how to use:

    Sprinkle roughly a tablespoon on the floor and watch your kitty roll in it or eat it. You can also store their favourite cat toys in a ziploc bag with catnip to increase enjoyment in the toy.

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